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Modern Hospital Development

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Xiangtan Central Hospital was founded in 1900. Its predecessor is the "Huijing Hospital" established by the Presbyterian Church of the United States. It is the first large-scale national first-class general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care in Xiangtan City, as well as the clinical teaching hospital and graduate training base of Central South University and Nanhua University. The hospital has 2300 beds. In 2017, there were more than 1.2 million outpatients and 72000 inpatients. The hospital is responsible for 50% of the medical business volume and 90% of the emergency tasks in Xiangtan city.

The hospital has complete specialties, excellent equipment and scientific talent echelon construction. At present, there are 3089 in-service employees, more than 591 people with the title of deputy senior and above, 11 tutors for master's degree in Central South University, and 5 tutors for master's degree in Nanhua University. It has one "121" talent project in Hunan Province, four experts enjoying special allowance from the State Council, and one talent project in the 21st century.

Hospital medical equipment is well equipped and advanced. With the support of the whole hospital's network information, the modern medical imaging department, the modern laboratory facilities, the complete set of specialized diagnosis and treatment equipment, the fully purified operating room and supply room, and the pneumatic logistics system with all over the network, the development concept of the modern hospital has emerged.

The hospital attaches great importance to discipline construction, implements the development strategy of "revitalizing the hospital through science and education", and actively cooperates with world-famous hospitals at home and abroad, such as Purdue University School of medicine, Hopkins University School of medicine, Mayo Medical Center of the United States, caozu heart center of Japan, Xiangya Medical School of Central South University, medical school of South China University, etc.

The hospital has won many honors, such as the advanced collective of national health system, the demonstration Hospital of National People's confidence, the demonstration Hospital of national "action plan for further improvement of medical service", the demonstration unit of traditional Chinese medicine work of national general hospital, the national civilized unit, the advanced unit of hospital management year activity of the whole province, etc. Construction projects such as "training base of specialized nurses in Hunan Province", "national off campus practical education base of Central South University", "national regional medical center of Changzhutan", "national health management demonstration base", "national stroke screening and Prevention Base Hospital of national health and Family Planning Commission", "general practitioner transfer training base" have successively settled in hospitals. Children's diagnosis and treatment center / clinical training base for general practitioners, a key project funded by national development and Reform Commission, has been put into use.

At present, it includes the planned "Jiuhua Hospital District of more than 500 mu", the "Zhaoshan branch of Xiangtan Central Hospital" to be constructed, the "Infectious Diseases Branch of Xiangtan Central Hospital and Xiangtan infectious diseases hospital" which has been officially put into use, the "Southern Branch of Xiangtan Central Hospital (formerly Xianggang staff hospital)", the "Jiangyu branch of Xiangtan Central Hospital" and the headquarters of the hospital, gradually forming It has become a hospital group with "one hospital and many districts", which has expanded new space for the hospital's sustainable and steady development in the future.

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