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Salute to He Zhixiang

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He Zhixiang, a well-known surgeon, graduated from the National Shanghai Medical College, is the first president of Xiangtan Central Hospital after people's government taking over it. His term of office is from February 1951 to September 1968.

As a skilled and experienced chief surgeon who is known as the "First Surgery in Xiangtan", Mr. He still performs meticulously and cautiously even when dealing with general surgery. He requires strict surgical cooperation, scrambles against time to carry out the operation accurately, and strives to complete the operation in the shortest time, so as to reduce the pain of the patient and make sure the safety of their life.

He warns colleagues that as a doctor, especially a surgeon, many of the patients are in endangered situation. So the doctor must make a correct diagnosis within a limited time, take appropriate medical measures, and perform operations or other treatments that can be completed within 30 minutes, even one more minutes could worsen the situation.  

Mr. He is humble, noble, knowledgeable, and exquisite in medicine, wining admiration and respect from both patients and colleagues. He was successively elected as Deputy Chairman of China Democratic League in Xiangtan, representative of the Municipal People’s Congress, member of the Standing Committee of the Xiangtan CPPCC, and representative of the Provincial People’s Congress.

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