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Meticulousity in Work, Deligence in Life

Date:2021-02-03    Author:Zhu Kaibo     Source: Hematology     Click:

"If you don't walk out, you will think that this is the whole world".since working for ten years, I have been checking patients, writing medical records and studying day by day. This is my world. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to come to the hometown of this famous saying - Italy to see the outside world.

Siena University Hospital in Italy is a hospital with a history of nearly one thousand years. Fortunately, I visited this hospital from December 2019 to March 2020 on the recommendation of our hospital and the support of BHGF. I waslooking forward to experiencing her long history, culture and modern advanced medical technology and concept. Three months of study in the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation ward was neither too long nor too short, and there were many experiences.

1.Humanities and communication.

I had heard about the harmonious relationship between doctors and patients in Italy for a long time, and I really had experience when i was staying in the ward. In order to show respect and privacy protection for patients, doctors knocked at the door before entering the ward. When seeing new patients, doctors introduced themselves first, shook hands with patients and their families one by one, which was very formal and respectful. Doctors and nurses usually addressed patients by their names, sometimes also by the title of "Mr. / Ms". They didn’t replace their names with bed numbers. When communicating with patients, they would answer all the questions and always encourage them to get over the disease. Especially the detail of knocking on the door made me feel very much. As we all know, Italian doctors have a high social status and patients respect medical workers very much, but it does not affect doctors' sincere respect for patients at the same time. I think it is very worthy to learn that, heartfelt respect for each other, and I believe it is very important in any region.

2.Advanced medical technology and strict and meticulous medical protocols.

Siena university hospital has many advantages, such as organ transplantation (including stem cell transplantation, bone marrow transplantation), neurosurgery, tumor immunotherapy and biotherapy, robot surgery, etc., which have a degree of influence in Italy and even in Europe. In hematopoietic stem cell transplantation unit, chemotherapy agents were often used. In order to accurately configure and protect the dispensing staff and nurses, the hospital pharmacy usedapotecarobot to configure drugs and luer lock connectors to effectively prevent drug leakage and thus create exposure to the staff. This was not only the embodiment of high technology, but also a great protection and care for employees.

Both two physicians in the hematopoietic stem cell transplant unit were senior and experienced doctors. They discussed the patient's therapy every day and worked out the chemotherapy plan together. For the management of chemotherapy agents, it was very strict and meticulous. For the order of chemotherapy regimen and doses, two physicians check it together and sign before deliver the prescription. Before the injection , the physician took responsibility to check the prescription again and sign it, and two nurses needed to double check for implementation. Checked again and again, there was only one purpose, which was to avoid unnecessary invasion to patients to the greatest extent.

3.Diligence and hard-working.

I had always heard that doctors in Europe work very easily before, unlike doctors in our country, we were very envious of them. However, my teacher Dr. Tozzi told me "That's not ture!". She used to work 36 hours in a row, and often felt tired and sleepless. Her director also arrived the hospital at 6:30 every morning and he never stay on vacation. They read a large number of literature, and also need to do clinical research . So, the saying "Deligence in Life" is applicable in China and Italy!

This report was written on the eve of returning to China, when covid-19 was epidemic, it makes me fell a lot, but i was not good at words. In a word, i made a right decision to choose Siena university hospital for my training . It not only opened up my vision in medicine, humanities, history and culture, and also enriched my life experience, and could not fully express the harvest in limited words.I will use what i learned in future work and life, and cultivate myself and benefit people.


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