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The First HCR Case of Xiangtan Succeeds

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At the beginning of the year, a 58-year-old client was admitted to our Cardiology Department. Coronary angiography and other examination results showed that the three branches of the coronary artery and the left main trunk of the severe stenosis, at the same time, diabetes, hypertension, peripheral vascular diseases and other diseases were confirmed.

In view of the serious and complex condition of the patient, the Cardiology Department immediately initiated the multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment mode, organized the joint consultation of experts from multiple disciplines in the hospital, and finally decided to adopt the currently advanced “Hybrid Coronary Revascularization (HCR)”. This is the first time the operation has been carried out in Xiangtan city.

In the treatment of complex coronary heart disease, in addition to the basic treatment of drugs, surgical bypass surgery and internal interventional surgery are two magic methods saving lives, but both have advantages and disadvantages. The so-called hybrid coronary surgery is the combination of cardiology interventional technology and surgical bypass surgery, bringing multidisciplinary experts together into a team to achieve 1+1>2 therapeutic effect.

A team of cardiovascular surgeons from the Heart Center took the lead in performing internal mammary artery-anterior descending branch bypass grafting after making a 6-cm incision in the patient's left fourth intercostal space. This is to relieve the dangerous situation of the left anterior descending branch, the most important of the three main blood vessels in the heart, restore blood flow and provide security for the subsequent interventional therapy. Subsequently, interventional cardiologists performed coronary angiography for the patient to ensure that the internal mammary artery-anterior descending artery was unobvious, and cardiac stents were implanted on its circumflex branch to restore normal blood supply to the heart.

The whole surgery went smoothly, the patient's heart bomb was successfully removed, and now his angina symptoms are completely relieved. He was discharged from the hospital with full satisfaction of the efficacy and thanks of the medical staff.

This successful operation not only powerfully demonstrated the ability of multi-disciplinary teams of cardiology, cardiothoracic department, anesthesiology, critical care medicine and radiology of Xiangtan Central Hospital to participate, cooperate and solve complex and difficult cases, but also led to a successful innovation between multi-disciplines in our city.

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