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Best wishes for a Happy New Year

As the year ends, the Hospital wishes all those who have used the hospital a very Happy New Year ahead. Xiangtan Central Hospital has always done its best to provide quality services to all those who come to seek our services. The year 2023 was an year where we have undergone a number of changes to lay new foundations to improve quality of care and especially to further orient care towards the patient.

As the new year begins, the Hospital targets to implement more quality improvement measures and work towards additional standards and protocols. This will help to improve the experiences of the patients who pass through the hospital.

It is of course, the efforts and hard work of the staff of the Hospital, that keeps it going and the ever loyal patients who put trust in us that gives more motivation.

We sincerely hope that the patients and users will continue to provide us with feedback for improvements and and constructively criticize our work. We take those positively and learn from those experience.

Once again, the Management and staff of Xiangtan Central Hospital coveys all of you the very best wishes for a Happy New Year. We hope that you will have a healthy and safe year ahead.

Improving application ability of Pharmacy Administration and Pharmaco economics for implementing DRG


On December 23rd, a program to level up application ability of Pharmacy Administration and Pharmaco economics for implementing DRG in China has officially launched in Xiangtan. This continuing medical education program of national level, organized by Hunan Pharmaceutical Association and executed by Xiangtan Central Hospital, aims to further strengthen pharmacy administration, improve application ability of pharmaco economics and promote safe, effective, and efficient drug use for clinical purpose.

As we push forward the medical reform of DRG, we need to embrace the challenge of effectively allocating medicine resources, optimizing drug regimen, reducing medical cost, and enhancing medical quality.

Venous Thrombo-embolism (VTE) Prevention and Treatment Enhancement

Five experts from Hunan Alliance arrived at Xiangtan Central Hospital on November 22nd, and introduced the Xiangya Hospital Central South University model in taking care of the VTE inpatients.

The core expert team has also provided guidance on how to conduct the VTE prevention and treatment program in our hospital. With improved awareness and ability of preventing VTE, we can relieve the situation of VTE and safeguard the medical security of patients.

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